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1577 Monrovia Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92663
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Address: 1577 Monrovia Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92663
From 55 Freeway North exit when freeway ends and make a right on 17th street
Take a left on Monrovia
Located on the right hand side 1577 Monrovia
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"I live in Mission Viejo. Work in Irvine. Hectic work and kid schedule makes my days pretty packed with very little wiggle room for things to go wrong. Yesterday tire was flat. I filled it with Fix a Flat, put air in the tire at the gas station, drove to work. Sat in parking lot...thinking about if the tires going to flat in the middle of the afternoon when I have to pick up my kids, if it will be flat tomorrow morning. Should I put on the spare now.The thought of standing in line on a Saturday morning with the thousand other people at some tire place. I asked GPS for the closest Tire repair. Island Tire popped up. Never heard of the place. I called. Owner Tom said bring in your car. I did. Co-worker picked me up, brought me to my office. Tom fixed two of my tires as they had nails and screws in them. He called me two hours after drop off to tell me my car was ready. Tom, you literally saved me so much time and no stress now that I was back on the road to get my kids as scheduled. This meant so much to me for you to get my car in on the spot. Thank you again."

Mike S.